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The Naracoorte P & A Society offers unique spaces and buildings for hire:

Cartwright Pavillion

The large pavilion is used during the year to host indoor events requiring a large area, clearing sales, auctions & the annual agricultural show.

In the past it has been used for the Rotary Wool Show, Speed Shear competition, indoor cricket and more.

It’s an ideal event venue for the wet weather months.

  • Full lighting with high bay lights and fluros and skylights
  • Power points stationed right around pavilion
  • Full concrete floor
  • Lockable
  • Ample parking
  • Amenities located directly adjacent to the pavilion
  • Size:  approx. 770m2

Sheep Pavillion

The Sheep Pavillion is used for Stock Sales, Auctions, clearing sales, workshops, most indoor events.

  • Steel, numbered, stud sheep display pens available. Can fit a maximum of 3 sheep/pen.
  • A max of about 330 sheep can be penned in the pavilion.
  • A selling ring with raised auctioneer stage is included in the hire for stud sheep sales.
  • There are 3 tiered banks of seating also available for use – no extra charge.
  • Sheep pens can be stored and shed can be used without pens.
  • Bitumen floor, Fluro lighting and skylights
  • Power available throughout shed
  • Water available in shed
  • Lockable
  • Plenty of parking
  • Size: approx. 700m2

Bull Pavillion

The Bull Pavillion is used for stud bull sales, stud ram sales, cattle pavilion for the Show, Young Judges education workshops and is a versatile indoor venue for most events.

  • Power available throughout shed
  • Water available 
  • Lockable
  • Rubble flooring
  • Fluro lighting and skylights
  • Tie up rails along internal walls
  • One external tie up rail
  • Tiered seating available
  • Approx 790m2
  • Plenty of parking

Showgrounds Hall

We received a Federal Government Grant and this building is currently undergoing renovations.

Application for Hire of Venue / Grounds

For Stables, Trestles, Chairs, Other - please provide further detail and numbers required below:
$ 0.00
I/we acknowledge that: The insurance for merchandise/vehicles/machinery/animals/persons/public is our responsibility. We agree to abide by the terms of hire of the Naracoorte Showgrounds, including the use of Incident Report forms. If we are responsible for an event where camping and/or stabling is used it is our responsibility to collect all monies necessary from those persons using such facilities and pay these in full to the Naracoorte P&A Society Inc. Failure to collect monies from such persons is our responsibility and we agree to cover any costs that we may not have sufficiently recovered from the use of these facilities for our event. COVID – I/we have attached our Covid Safe Plan/Covid Management Plan to this application. All current Government regulations regarding Covid will be adhered to when hiring/using the Naracoorte Showgrounds facilities. By signing this form, I declare that I am authorised to sign on behalf of the organisation/club/business/group/individual that will be responsible for insurance and fees associated with hiring the Naracoorte Showgrounds facilities.

Hire Terms & Conditions

Setting up and dismantling is the responsibility of the hirer.

The grounds must be left in the same state as when they were hired.

The Society does not have a rubbish collection and so the hirer is responsible for rubbish removal. There are numerous drums made available for your use, and these must be emptied within 3 days of the completion of your event for hygiene reasons. The Society can arrange a contractor for this purpose at your cost.

Major events could be charged for power if the anticipated usage is high.

Toilet blocks will be cleaned and stocked beforehand. If large numbers are expected, then the cleaning and restocking of paper etc. during the event is the hirer’s responsibility, or the Society can arrange a contractor at your cost.

The Society sometimes negotiates on a fee for multiple days hiring, or even an annual fee for regular users.

Showgrounds Hall

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Cartwright Pavilion

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Sheep Pavilion

Stock Sales, Auctions

Bull Pavilion

Stock Sales, Auctions

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Bonds, sawdust, removal of sheep pens, etc.